About Matthew Cooper Director

Matthew Cooper began making short films on super 8mm cine film and VHS video, long before the days of the internet and when TV in the UK consisted of only four channels.

Matthew Cooper Director

At age 18 Matthew won a nationwide UK scriptwriting competition run by Channel Four. His film debut as a script writer ‘Family Style‘ was broadcast on Channel Four to rave reviews. The film starred Ewan McGregor.

This led Matthew to a successful career as a scriptwriter and script consultant working for the BBC, ITV and Channel Four. He was a core member of the writing team on shows like EastEnders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks and picked up a few awards along the way.

In 2019 Matthew began shooting Markham, his feature debut as a director.
Markham, a rubber reality horror feature film was shot, guerrilla style over a number of months on a small budget. Matthew retained control over all aspects of the shoot and both pre and post-production.

Matthew used innovative techniques when working with actors, with many scenes improvised and performers purposely wrong footed within scenes, this created credible reactions and genuine scares. Actors benefitted from being given free reign to build their character and assist with the overall mise-en-scene, reacting naturally to the horror story as it unfolded.

Markham was produced through Warehouse Transmedia, Matthew’s own low budget film and video facility.

Warehouse Transmedia built the special effects for Markham, as well as having the chroma key studios, stop motion animation facility, and all the equipment required to shoot a feature film. From HD DLSRs, dedicated HD video cameras, as well as high spec edit and post-production suite. Much of Markham was also shot on super 8mm, again the analogue film equipment was also provided by Warehouse Transmedia.

After the successful completion of Markham, Matthew is now focussed on further low-budget, guerrilla shoots, in which he will write, direct and control retain control of all aspects of production, distribution and marketing, by keeping budgets low and creativity high.

As a director, Matthew admires Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, William Friedkin, Sam Peckinpah and adores vintage era John Carpenter and Walter Hill.

He runs hard working, efficient, collaborate and friendly but professional sets. He works well with actors and pushes all crew members to deliver their best work, and get maximum on screen bang for the buck.

As well as his own feature films, Matthew is also available as a director for hire, for brands and marketing agencies.

If you’d like to contact Matthew for work, you can get in touch with him directly on; matcoop23@yahoo.co.uk