Warehouse Transmedia

Matthew Cooper’s feature film Markham was produced through Warehouse Transmedia, Matthew’s own low budget film and video facility.

The facility has as a full chroma key green screen studio, a stop motion animation facility, and all the equipment required to shoot a feature film. From HD DLSRs, dedicated HD video cameras, as well as high spec edit and post-production suite.

Much of Markham was also shot on super 8mm, again the analogue film equipment was also provided by Warehouse Transmedia. As well as some old school special effects.

Why Warehouse Transmedia made a difference…

“Having all the facilities to shoot, post-produce and edit a feature film quickly, really helped inspire the way we went about shooting Markham.

The digital revolution has made things easier, but we pushed that idea to the limit on the Markham shoot…

We threw in a lot of old analogue tech too, as well as some rudimentary practical make-up effects. This was all done in-house.

The changing script and set up, meant we didn’t need to travel far, or hire expensive space or equipment, we shot on the hip, as and when locations and actors where available. This agile way of shooting saved us from spending a fortune.

As a low budget horror film, Markham has a wealth of locations, and utilises a range of filmmaking techniques, this was achieved partly by the quick flexibility that Warehouse Transmedia gave us…

Matthew Cooper